The light music of whiskey falling into a glass....  (James Joyce)

Los Angeles based pub rock-ragers the Shillaly Brothers, serve up a mix of original and traditional Irish music that, like a fine whiskey, is a fine blend of rock, folk, punk and bluegrass.  Grounded in Irish music and the pub rock tradition, the band features a wide range of traditional instruments including guitars, bass, drums, ukulele, celtic bouzouki, mandolin, octave mandolin, accordion and banjo. The vibe is passionate, hard-rocking acoustic music.

Meet the Band

Chad Carrier (Easter, Lovedog, Black Eyed Susans, CC and the Jackpot Prize, Big Mess) and John Duffy (Liesurematics, Spoilers/Marina Swingers, Powertrip, Easter, Jeff Dahl) are veterans of the LA punk and alternative music scenes. Between them, they have released several albums and singles, had top hits on the World Famous KROQ and numerous college radio stations around the United States, have multiple MTV videos, and toured extensively internationally. They started Shillaly Brothers as a new creative outlet, to do something unique, celebrate their Irish heritage and break new ground writing and arranging in this style.

Rex Bailey has been a session musician and recording engineer in the LA music scene for over 30 years and is generally considered one of the top guitar players in town. Rex brings a unique sound on ukulele, great song writing chops, and a beautiful Irish tenor. 

Fred Studier is a multi-instrumentalist who brings versatility and fills out the sound on accordion, mandolin, celtic bouzouki, banjo, guitar and backing vocals.